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  • Men's Sterling Silver U.S. Army Medal St. Michael on Back Medal Size: 1" Diameter 24" Length Chain Gift Box

  • Noah's Ark Wall Cross The Noah's Ark Wall Cross features the ark with adorable animals and the words "The animals came two by two." Made of resin and measures 7" tall.

  • Libros Arco - Complete Set of 52 Spanish Arch Books Historias bĦblicas relatadas en rima con ilustraciones a todo color. Todos los 52 tĦtulos. Bible stories in rhyme with full color illustrations. All 52 titles.

  • Secrets of a Prayer Warrior: by Derek Prince Delving deep into the biblical understanding of prayer Prince shows readers the secret to leading a dynamic prayer life how to receive what they ask for and how to align themselves with the heart of God.

  • The Book of Romans: by Derek Prince This is Derek's complete teaching on the Book of Romans. Roman Pilgrimage 1 2 3 & 4

  • Witchcraft Exposed and Defeated: by Derek Prince In these messages Derek explains how Witchcraft in the Church obscures the cross producing carnality legalism and a curse and why the cross revealed and applied eliminates witchcraft.

  • Instruction on Deliverance for Children (5-11) and Parents Dealing with deliverance for children. How does one effectively minister to children? Find out answers here in this audio teaching by Derek Prince.

  • The Church - Volume 1 & 2: by Derek Prince Christendom will soon contain only two groups - Bride or Harlot - each with its clear distinguishing marks. In this teaching series on the Church Derek discusses the role of the Local Church and the nature of the false Church and of false Christs.

  • The Nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit - Volume 1 & 2 An illuminating analysis of the spiritual gifts of revelation and of power and an analysis of the vocal gifts with practical instruction bringing them within the reach of all believers!

  • The Power of Proclamation: by Derek Prince As you speak Scripture aloud believing in faith the unseen world responds. Derek Prince shows you keys in God's Word that will help you build up your faith through the simple secret power of proclamation.

  • Praying To Change History: by Derek Prince Kingdoms - both human and satanic - must bow to the Church as she learns to exercise her most powerful ministry: prayer!

  • Marriage Divorce Remarriage or Celibacy: by Derek Prince God's Word reveals much about our roles in a family as men and women of God. These messages are vitally important if we are to preserve the traditional marriage and family pattern.

  • Hearing God's Voice: by Derek Prince (Radio Message) The simple#yet not always easy#key to success for the life of a Christian is to hear God's voice and do what He says. In this insightful message Derek Prince helps you tune in to the voice of God.

  • Water Baptism: by Derek Prince One of three great ordinances prescribed for all Christians. What are the scriptural requirements? What is the symbolic meaning?

  • How to Overcome Guilt Shame and Rejection: by Derek Prince Five classic messages offering help and hope to anyone suffering the effects of heartache and betrayal.

  • Gods Disguises: by Derek Prince (Radio Message) God usually approaches man in forms which cloak His Divinity. It is important to penetrate His disguises.

  • Restoration: by Derek Prince Radio CD Series - Radio CDs contain five twelve-minute messages originally produced for the radio program Derek Prince Legacy Radio.

  • God's Word - Your Inexhaustible Resource: by Derek Prince This 2 CD set will help you discover what God's Word will do for you in every area of your life - and how to apply it!

  • Overcoming Rejection Frank Hammond addresses the all-too-common root problem of rejection and the fear of rejection in the lives of believers and provides steps to be set free. Learn how past experiences can influence our actions and how we can be made whole.

  • Sterling Silver Risen Christ Cross with Our Father Prayer Sterling Silver Cross Necklace with Risen Christ Cross Pendant is attached to a 24" silver chain.

  • Explorer's Study Bible - Purple - NKJV The Explorer's Study Bible takes kids on an adventure of a lifetime to find the treasure of God's message.

  • The Jesus Series - Easter: Read and Share DVD Bible This story of Easter is an uninterrupted half-hour presentation of Jesus' last week on earth. With an eye-catching art style warm narration and gentle musical underscore children will experience the Easter story in an engaging new way.

  • The Jesus Series - Christmas: Read and Share DVD Bible Animated straight from the pages of the popular "Read and Share Bible " The Jesus Series introduces children to the life of Christ in a powerful new trilogy. The story of Christmas is an uninterrupted half-hour presentation of Jesus' arrival on earth.

  • Fellowship Cup - Pre-Filled Bread & Juice Communion Sets (250) FELLOWSHIP CUP PRE-FILLED COMMUNION CUPS & WAFER - contains 250 individual serving cups

  • Fellowship Cup - Pre-Filled Bread & Juice Communion Sets (500) FELLOWSHIP CUP PRE-FILLED COMMUNION CUPS & WAFER - contains 500 individual serving cups

  • The Music of Christmas - All I Really Want for Christmas From the biggest names in Christian music to the quintessential classic Christmas songs these Christmas 2 packs features new pairings of TWO full album in ONE package.

  • Alabama Crimson Tide Silk Necktie Houndstooth Show your team spirit with this Alabama Crimson Tide silk neck tie. They're made from the finest materials.

  • Men's Sterling Silver Engraved Design Cross Necklace SX7801 Men's Sterling Silver Cross Necklace in a Engraved Design on 24 inch Chain Gift Boxed

  • His Needs Her Needs:(Revised Expanded) This completely revised and expanded edition of the classic bestseller has been updated throughout and includes new writing that highlights the special significance of intimate emotional needs in marriage.

  • Margin: by Richard A. Swenson M.D. Newly revised and updated "Margin" is Dr. Swenson's groundbreaking prescription against the dangers of overloaded living. This bestselling book offers guidelines for healthy living so people can live balanced lives.

  • God with Us: The Coming of the Savior DVD This powerful film for young people (and adults) features high impact animation that will excite and inspire viewers with the story of Jesus- the great champion who gave all to save the powerless and the lost.

  • Full Lectern with Shelf - Walnut Stain Finished in Walnut stain. Some assembly may be required.

  • Classic Children's Films on DVD From award-winning producer Heinz Fussle come three classic children#s films on one DVD: Climb a Tall Mountain Home Run for Rusty and The Winning Circle.

  • From Aardvark To Zucchini DVD This animated video is an entertaining and educational introduction to prayer for preschoolers.

  • Love Begins DVD Older sister Ellen doesn't understand Cassie's friendly nature with Clark; she agreed to the Sheriff's offer only because the farm has become too much to maintain alone.

  • How Can I Celebrate Passover? DVD Some of Digger's friends celebrate a holiday he has never heard of before. Spend a night of celebration with Digger as he learns the significance of the ancient feast of Passover while helping his friend Beth prepare the Seder meal.

  • The Legend Of Percival DVD This is a story that goes back to the medieval world of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. The adventure of Percival his obsession to be one of King Arthur's knights and his search for the Holy Grail is a timeless story.

  • Let's Go To Church DVD Let's Go to Church is also a powerful learning tool as your child grows. We encourage you to watch the video with him or her and supplement the visuals with your own descriptions and feelings about the importance of attending a church.

  • Martin And The Heavenly Tree DVD This beautifully illustrated tale of the "tree that points to heaven" is sure to be a holiday favorite.

  • Martin! God Loves You DVD Martin! God Loves You visualizes the story of Martin Luther's life especially for youngsters. Children will discover a person much like themselves as Martin grows up and discovers the miracle of love freely-given revealed in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus

  • Micah's Christmas Treasure DVD Micah a poor shepherd boy makes a wonderful discovery amidst the tumult and uncertainty of ancient Israel at the time of Christ#s birth.

  • Mother Teresa: Seeing The Face Of Jesus DVD Mother Teresa always remembered these words of Jesus. She said that she saw the face of Jesus in the face of each sick and dying person she helped. She asked the whole world to look for Jesus' face there too.

  • Music In Our Hearts DVD In this delightful video designed for the very young your child will participate in and learn about the foundations of music # rhythm melody harmony lyrics # through the use of instruments voices movement simple props share time and field trip.

  • Spunky Double Feature (Circus-Camping Adventure) DVD Includes two episodes from the beloved Spunky series: Spunky's Circus Adventure and Spunky's Camping Adventure.

  • The Story Of The Selfish Giant DVD A grandfather uses Oscar Wilde's timeless tale "The Story of the Selfish Giant " to unlock the true meaning of Christmas for his granddaughter.

  • U.S. Navy Medal White/Blue Our sterling silver armed forces collection features a variety of hand crafted painted medals appropriate for each of the five military branches. Medals are 7/8" Diameter and come with a 20" Length Chain.

  • U.S. Army Medal White/Green Our sterling silver armed forces collection features a variety of hand crafted painted medals appropriate for each of the five military branches. Medals are 7/8" Diameter and come with a 20" Length Chain.

  • Storyteller Cafe DVD Each story is tailored to tell more than the obvious story. Included are interesting details about what places really looked like and how people lived as seen through the eyes of some fascinating characters.

  • Torchlighters - Missions Set of Four on DVD This set of four DVDs from the award-winning Torchlighters series of animated DVDs for children highlights four historic missionary heroes: Jim Elliot Eric Liddell Gladys Aylward and Amy Carmichael.

  • Torchlighters: William Booth Story DVD Introduce children to the action-packed story behind The Salvation Army. William Booth is determined to bring life-changing Gospel to London's most troubled neighborhood the East End.

  • Torchlighters: Eric Liddell Story DVD Pressure to follow public opinion couldn't get much stronger. National hero Eric Liddell is Scotland's pride and joy. The entire country is eager for their running celebrity to sprint past the rest of the world and bring home Olympic gold in the 100-meter

  • Torchlighters: Gladys Aylward Story DVD The missionary who led 100 orphans 100 miles to safety through war-torn China.

  • Torchlighters: John Bunyan Story DVD John Bunyan spends his days in prison separated from his wife and children. Living in the cold stone cell is the price he pays for going against the established state religion. If only he would agree to stop preaching John could walk out a free man!

  • Torchlighters: Richard Wurmbrand Story DVD In war-torn Romania there is only one way for churches to get the protection of the government: give their support and allegiance to the communists who are in control. Instead Pastor Richard Wurmbrand chooses to speak up for Christ

  • Torchlighters: The Amy Carmichael Story DVD How will she find the missionary known as Amy Carmichael the one who wears a cross and serves a different sort of God? Meanwhile Amy is also consumed by the awful truth she has learned about the plight of the #temple girls.#

  • Torchlighters: The William Tyndale Story DVD William Tyndale tops King Henry VIII's "Most Wanted" list in 1535 and is being pursued across Europe by the king's bounty hunters. What is his crime? Murder? Theft? No none of these. William Tyndale's "crime" is translating the Bible into English

  • Wholesome Heroes With Rick Sowash: Johnny Appleseed DVD Storyteller Rick Sowash takes us on an amazing adventure through the life and times of this American legend.

  • Roma Ornate Brass Short Altar Candlestick The altar candlestick comes complete with a socket to accommodate a 1 1/2# diameter candle. These pieces are sure to add a touch of elegance to any church decor.

  • Joseph: Beloved Son Rejected Slave Exalted Ruler DVD The thrilling Biblical story of Joseph is told in this high quality 3-D animated feature film for children ages 5 and up.

  • Joseph: King Of Dreams DVD Joseph: King of Dreams is the fascinating story of a young boy with an extraordinary gift of seeing the future in his dreams! Cast off by his jealous brothers Joseph rises to honor in Egypt as his prophecies protect the Pharaoh from disaster.

  • Nicholas The Boy Who Became Santa DVD With beautiful animation this award-winning film is the true story of the boy whose charity and care for people helped him become Saint Nicholas a great bishop whose spirit lives on as Santa Claus.

  • Tanglewoods' Secret DVD Ruth and her brother Philip stay with their overly strict aunt while their parents are overseas. Ruth runs away and learns about the Good Shepherd and His love for lost sheep just like her.

  • Easter Carol: Veggie Tales DVD Inspired by Charles Dicken's Christmas classic this is a powerful story that will remind the viewer why millions of Christians around the world celebrate Easter past present and future!

  • Gideon Tuba Warrior: Veggie Tales DVD Meet a reluctant tuba-playing warrior and discover a tale of courage trust and excessively hairy pickles!

  • Lord Of The Beans: Veggie Tales DVD A Lesson In -- Using Your Gifts For Good. Lord of the Beans follows the fantastic journey of a wide-eyed Flobbit named Toto Baggypants (Junior Asparagus) who inherits a bean with amazing powers from his Uncle Billboy (Archibald Asparagus).

  • Princess and the Pop Star: Veggie Tales DVD Princess Poppyseed's life on her family's farm is far from the glamorous but "lonely world" of her favorite pop singer Vanna Banana. On a chance meeting at a playground Vanna and Princess cross paths and discover they look "almost" exactly alike

  • What's In The Bible?: Battle For The Promised Land DVD Phil Vischer and a boatload of new friends on a groundbreaking animated journey through the world's most amazing book! In this episode Buck Denver and Friends continue their quest to learn about the Bible as they visit Old Testament books: Joshua Judges

  • What's In The Bible?: In The Beginning DVD What is the Bible? How is it put together? Kids learn alongside Buck Denver Sunday School Lady Brother Louie and the crew that the Bible tells the story of God and what he's done for us.

  • What's In The Bible?: Let My People Go! DVD From Phil Vischer the creator of Veggie Tales! Using music animation puppets and creative writing this second installment of the What's in the Bible series introduces kids to the book of Exodus.

  • What's In The Bible?: Wanderin' In The Desert DVD The third installment of the What's in the Bible series by Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer. Wanderin' in the Desert takes us through the Biblical books of Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy.

  • St Michael Statue Extraordinary care has been taken with every phase of the figures' development from sculpting the delicate features of their faces and the intricacies of their attire to meticulously hand painting every subtle detail of color for shade contrast & tone.

  • Thomas More Abbey Celebrant Chair - Walnut Stain Exquisitely designed and finely crafted in high quality hardwood with 3# Thickness upholstered foam seat.

  • NIV Student Bible Compact A compact study Bible for students of the Bible with notes and articles written by Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford. Includes the full text of the NIV Bible the world#s most popular modern English Bible translation.

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