My Novena to St. Joseph

Daniel M Quackenbush

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My Novena to St. Joseph by Catholic Book Publishing offers the most often prayed Novenas in honor of St. Joseph and fits perfectly in a pocket or purse for any-time prayer. With a flexible and beautifully illustrated, full-color cover, this 32-page edition of My Novena to St. Joseph is the perfect resource for honoring Jesus's human father.

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St. Joseph,
Patron of Families
ST. Joseph, the Church
throughout the world honors
you as the Patron of Families.
Surely divine providence led you
to embrace Mary as your wife.
When she was found to be with child and you
intended to "divorce her quietly," the Lord sent His
Angel to intervene and led you anew to accept Mary
as your spouse: "Do not be afraid to take Mary your
wife into your home . . . it is through the Holy Spirit
that this child has been conceived in her"(Mt 1:20).
Joseph, your marriage was part of God's plan,
indeed, and as husband of Mary you were
immersed in the great redemptive mystery of the
Incarnation. What a trustworthy soul you must
be, called as you were to be husband and father in
the home that sheltered God's Son and His
Immaculate Mother Mary!
Before the awesome responsibilities you faced,
it would have been easy to lack courage. But
Almighty God does not assign a role in life without
providing the necessary graces. You had experienced
God's guidance and protection and you
knew that He was with you. You trusted in His
love for your family and with confidence you followed
His lead—protecting them from a pagan
and hostile world and working at your carpenter
trade daily and generously to provide food, clothing,
and shelter for your family. You likewise
served as educator to Jesus, teaching Him about
life, about carpentry, and about the Jewish Faith.
You were a kind and just man, Joseph, but you
were human and subject to fall—not divine like the
Child you protected, nor sinless like the Virgin you
guarded. In the home of the Holy Family, your heart
was the most vulnerable opening for sin to enter.Yet
you faithfully cooperated with divine grace by living
a life worthy of the innocence and purity of your
charges! You cultivated within your home a spirit of
prayer and devotion! Had not the Incarnate Word of
God Himself come to dwell in your home as your
Son, still your home would have been one in which
God's Word was welcome and lived.
St. Joseph, intercede for families—the sanctuaries
of life. May couples discern God's will concerning
their call to marriage and be confident in
God's blessing in their homes. May they generously
cooperate in His loving plan and be cocreators
with Him in giving life. May families be
protected from anger and hatred, lies and selfishness,
infidelity and divorce.
Pray for us, Joseph, that children may honor
parents and that spouses may honor one another.
May children know patience and kindness and
share these same virtues with their brothers and
sisters. May single-parent homes and orphans be
blessed with peace and security and the love and
support they need to live happy and blessed lives.
St. Joseph, Patron of Families, pray that Jesus
may be welcomed into our homes and be the cen-
4 First Day
ter of our lives, as He was in the life of the Holy
Family. Then our homes will be filled with God's
love - they will be filled with God - as your home
in Nazareth was. We ask you for these blessings
and for all of the intentions we bring before you
in this Novena (pause).
Rosary and Litany of St. Joseph (see p. 32)
Let us pray: Lord Jesus, when You took on
human flesh in the womb of Your Virgin Mother You
identified with all humanity. Similarly, through the
home You shared with Your Mother and St. Joseph
You identified with all families.You know what a
sanctuary a home can be for nurturing life and
love.You are aware of the responsibilities that family
life imposes upon us, as You submitted to the
guidance of Your earthly parents and learned each
day to contribute to the well-being of Your home.
We thank You for our families and for the love we
share in them. Heed the prayers of our patron, St.
Joseph, who so faithfully fulfilled his role as father
and husband in Your home in Nazareth. May our
families be protected from all those things that
threaten our peace, harmony, and joy.
May Your love reign in our homes, as it did in Your
home in Nazareth, and flow out beyond our walls
into the neighborhoods and world in which Your
Father has planted us as sources of grace and blessing
for others.We ask this, Jesus, and all the intentions
we bring before You in this Novena in honor of
St. Joseph, the Patron of Families. Amen.

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My Novena to St. Joseph
Daniel M Quackenbush




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A completely new novena to St. Joseph that utilizes his most popular titles. Illustrated.







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