Flood Legends - Global Clues of a Common Event

Author: Charles Martin

[Image: Flood Legends - Global Clues of a Common Event]

The story of the Deluge – or the Global Flood of Noah –
permeates nearly every culture in the world in some way,
shape, or form. While details vary between the different cultural
versions, the same basic plot line occurs in all versions: a god becomes
angry, destroys the earth with a flood, but preserves the human
race by selecting a handful of people to save. These people survive the
flood by building a vessel. It is this same group of people that are then
responsible for repopulating the earth. Despite the striking similarities,
some mythologists have looked at the minor differences in the stories
and declared: “This never happened!” There is another alternative, and
that is to accept that the different versions all refer to the same event -
passed on from generation to generation, through various developing
cultures, showing a similar, if not identical, plot with diverging details.
Delve into the fascinating commonalities of flood legends from around
the globe, and their unique perspective of this biblical history and discover:
Two basic styles of interpreting .. myths– and how both fail when
interpreting Global Flood legends
..The questions that arise in the different legends – such as the
length of the vessel’s journey, supplies, etc.
..Clues to where the remains of the Ark might be found today
..How this epic event remains woven into the tapestry of cultural

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Pub Date: June 01, 2009

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Flood Legends - Global Clues of a Common Event
Author: Charles Martin




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9780890515532 Paperback 0890515530 $ 9.95
Charles Martin explores flood mythology from around the world and presents a compelling argument for it pointing to clues of a global flood event.







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