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This is one of the most encouraging films that any Christian could watch. High school senior Dan Burgess does not think he's impacting anyone for the Lord. He thinks he's missing out on all the fun. So one day, he wishes he'd never become a Christian. He gets his wish...and then sees things from a different perspective. This is a very encouraging film that will lift the spirits of any believer!

Dan Burgess (David White) is a senior in high school who is questioning whether his Christian commitment is worth it. There's a big party coming up and all the kids are going. He'd like to go but knows he shouldn't. There's a certain girl he'd love to date but knows he shouldn't. The "guys" continually make fun of his faith in Christ and Dan feels that he's missing all the "fun" offered by the world. Plus, Dan's stand for Jesus doesn't seem to be influencing anyone. So one night, out of frustration, Dan decides his faith is restricting him. He wishes he had never become a Christian. Does he get his wish?

# Cast: David White, Lance Zitron, Blaine Pickett, Robert Kuns
# Writers: Danny Carrales, John Newcombe, Michael Martin,
Rich Christiano
# Producer, Director: Rich Christiano
# Extra feature: Spanish Language
# 50 Minutes, Drama

50 Minutes, Drama

Released in 1993 by Christiano Film Group

Only available in North American format.

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Second Glance DVD
Christian Films




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High school senior Dan Burgess does not think he's impacting anyone for the Lord.







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