New Daily Study Bible: by William Barclay

Author: William Barclay

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Clearly defining the greatest issues of the Christian faith in plain and simple language. The updating of the world's most popular Bible commentary is nearly complete! Introducing the New Daily Study Bible. With clarification of outdated illustrations and lightly nuanced for more contemporary language usage, this internationally popular commentary will engage and delight a new generation of Christian readers. Newly designed and colorful book covers make these volumes attractive additions to any church, school, or home library.

The Acts of the Apostles

"What Acts aims to do", writes Barclay, "is to give us a series of typical
exploits and adventures of the great heroic figures of the early Church.
Although the book never says so, from the earliest times Luke has been held to
be its writer." If this is so, then Luke wrote both the gospel and Acts with a
purpose of showing how the new faith that had begun so humbly in Palestine had
expanded. In this volume, Barclay discusses among other things the plan in Acts,
Luke's skill as a historian, the accuracy of his sources, and the honesty with
which he uses them. Full of unique insights and little-known information about
the background of the early Church, this volume again displays Barclay's great
ability for clear and perceptive expression.

The Gospel of Mark
"When we study the Gospel according to Saint Mark," declares William Barclay,
"we study the most important book in the New Testament: for in it, we have the
first life of Jesus ever written." In his introduction to this volume, Dr.
Barclay explains why the first three Gospels are called "synoptic," how they
came to be written, and why many scholars believe that Mark was the first.
Barclay's interpretation of the Gospel is full of wisdom, and it offers clear
and captivating insight from beginning to end. Having picked up one section to
study, the reader will find it difficult to stop reading until the whole volume
is completed.

The Gospel of John, Volume One
The Gospel according to Saint John is to many people the most precious book
in the Bible," states William Barclay in this first of two volumes on the Gospel
of John. In order to help uncover the tremendous wealth of this Gospel, Dr.
Barclay has provided his own unique translation of the text, a detailed
commentary, and a comprehensive introduction. This new edition will help bring
the book in which "many people find themselves closer to God and to Jesus Christ
than in any other book in the world" closer to home and freshly relevant for
today's readers.

The Gospel of John, Volume Two
"The more we study John, the more wealth arises out of it," so says William
Barclay about the Fourth Gospel. In this volume, Dr. Barclay completes his
intensive study begun in The Gospel of John, Volume 1 (that covers chapters 1
through 7) and helps give the reader a sharpened perception of the emphases of
this Gospel. Written during a time when heresies abounded, the Gospel of John
clarifies both the humanity and deity of Jesus Christ. Through his imaginative
translation and insightful commentary, Barclay uncovers the unlimited riches of
this beloved book

The Gospel of Luke
With a historian's precision, Luke's Gospel shows painstaking care both in
detail and in expression. Of equal distinction is the universal appeal of the
Gospel. Dr. Barclay wrote that this Gospel makes "Christ the open door for all
without reserve." In many areas that were either minimized or neglected by the
other Gospel writers, Luke's account is more complete, emphasizing prayer, the
dignity of women, and praise of God. Barclay's insightful comments help each of
us to see the infinitude of God's love through Luke's eyes.

The Gospel of Matthew, Volume One
Though we find the Gospel of Matthew first in the New Testament, many
scholars believe that the Gospel of Mark is older. Matthew then is often seen as
an expansion of Mark, incorporating most of the content of Mark while also
adding sections that contain the teachings of Jesus, such as the Sermon on the
Mount, and stories about the birth and infancy of Jesus. The phrase "This was to
fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet" appears sixteen times in the
Gospel of Matthew suggesting an emphasis on fulfilling the Law and the Prophets,
and implying that a Jewish audience may have been the first hearers of this
Gospel. For them then and for us today, the Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as
one who is "God with us" even until the end of time.

The Gospel of Matthew, Volume Two
Ever question what may have been meant by the statement, "You are Peter and
on this rock..."? Are you puzzled by the cursing of the fig tree by Jesus or by
his comments about moving mountains? William Barclay discusses these and many
other interesting matters in this second volume of the Gospel of Matthew.
Readers will profit by the depth of scholarship, the honesty of appraisal, and
the grace of style with which Dr. Barclay deals with difficult topics such as
marriage and divorce or the danger of riches. With a lively translation and
engaging commentary, Barclay's comments on the latter portion of Matthew's
Gospel are great for daily readings.

The Letter to the Hebrews
At first glance, the letter to the Hebrews can seem difficult to comprehend,
requiring readers to be familiar with an intricate system of Hebrew sacrifices
so intimidating that some might just set the whole episode aside. But William
Barclay believed "that no New Testament book gives us such a glorious picture of
Jesus Christ in all the splendor of his manhood and in all the majesty of his
deity." So, amplified by his keen and vibrant commentary, this ancient letter
emerges from apparent obscurity to be a vital resource of encouragement for
Christians today.

The Letter to the Romans
The Letters of James and Peter
The Letters of John and Jude
The Letters to the Corinthians
The Letters to the Philippians, Colossians, and

Letters to Timothy, Titus, and Philemon

The Revelation of John, Volume 1
In this and its companion volume (The Revelation of John, Volume 2, Chapters
6 through 22), William Barclay makes the most difficult book in the Bible easier
to understand. In his introduction he examines areas such as the characteristics
of apocalyptic literature and the nature of Caesar worship. John was, as Barclay
shows, "soaked and saturated" in the Old Testament, and most of the imagery he
employs is drawn from that source. Barclay does more than clarify the meaning of
the imagery. His commentary covers the central issues of the book, such as the
seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the probable facts about John's exile on the
island, and the meaning of Christ's knocking at the door.

The Revelation of John, Volume 2
Here the reader meets many of the picturesque images that are identified with
Revelation--the four horses and their riders, the antichrist, the woman clothed
with the sun, the beast with his number, Armageddon, the Millennium, the new
Jerusalem. William Barclay helps the reader understand and interpret these and
many other images drawn from Revelation that have so seized hold of the world's
imagination. And because so many of John's prophetic utterances relate to Rome,
Barclay also devotes many pages to describing the great city as it was under the
early Caesars.

Complete Set of 17 Volumes

Announcing the completion of The New Daily Study Bible, by William Barclay! The New Daily Study Bible Set contains all 17 volumes in the New Daily Study Bible. For almost fifty years and for millions of readers, The Daily Study Bible commentaries have been the ideal help for both devotional and serious Bible study. Now, with the release of The New Daily Study Bible, a new generation will appreciate the wisdom of William Barclay. With clarification of less familiar illustrations and inclusion of more contemporary language, The New Daily Study Bible will continue to help individuals and groups discover what the message of the New Testament really means for their lives.

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
US SRP: 200.00 US
Pub Date: July 2004

New Daily Study Bible: by William Barclay
Author: William Barclay





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