Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible: by John Haley

Author: John W. Haley

[Image: Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible: by John Haley]

In Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible, John Haley directly addresses questions surrounding common misunderstandings of Scripture. This book is essential for your personal library because it explains questionable passages, helps answer skeptics' questions, and contains valuable resource material. Haley lifts the mystery surrounding the supposed contradictions in the Bible and sheds new light on confusing passages. As you study God's Word and see His purposes unfold in your life, you will experience a new power and love for living!

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Pub Date: February 01, 2004

Table of Contents


Part I

CHAPTER 1--Origin of the Discrepancies
1. Difference of Dates of Passages
2. Differences of Authorship
3. Differences of Standpoint or of Object
4. Different Methods of Arrangement
5. Different Methods of Computation
6. Peculiarities of Oriental Idiom
7. Plurality of Names or Synonyms
8. Diverse Meanings of Same Word
9. Errors in the Manuscripts
10. Imagination of Critic

CHAPTER 2--Design of the Discrepancies
1. To Stimulate the Intellect
2. Illustrate Analogy of Bible and Nature
3. Disprove Collusion of Sacred Writers
4. Lead to Value the Spirit above the Letter of the Bible
5. Serve as a Test of Moral Character

CHAPTER 3--Results of the Discrepancies
1. Text of Bible Not Unsettled
2. Moral Influence of the Bible Not Impaired

Part II

CHAPTER 4--Doctrinal Discrepancies
1. GOD--Omnipotence
2. CHRIST--His Divinity
3. HOLY SPIRIT--Personality
4. THE SCRIPTURES--Inspiration
5. MAN, In Relation to the Present--Creation
6. MAN, In Relation to the Future--Death

CHAPTER 5--Ethical Discrepancies
1. Duty of Man--Toward God
2. Duty of Man--To Himself
3. Duty of Man--To His Fellowmen

CHAPTER 6--Historical Discrepancies
1. Concerning Persons--Names, etc.
2. Concerning Places
3. Concerning Numbers
4. Concerning Time
5. Miscellaneous

Bibliographical Appendix
List of Scripture Citations
General Index

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Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible: by John Haley
Author: John W. Haley





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John Haley directly addresses such questions as, "Does the Bible contradict itself?" Questionable passages of Scripture are explained, and the skeptic's questions are answered in these pages.







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