Jesus: The Great Debate: by Grant Jeffrey

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Explore the question at the heart of the oldest and most important debate in history: "Who do you say that I am?"

Was Jesus Christ the living son of God or was he a glamorized invention of religious zealotry? Is the historical record clear that there was a man named Jesus Christ who lived and taught in the land of Judea 2,000 years ago, or is it all just a marvelous fiction? Best-selling author Dr. Grant R. Jeffrey hosts this insightful and enlightening program that features dramatizations filmed on location and compelling interviews with scholars on both sides.

Among those featured in this fascinating program who do believe include Dr. John Ankerberg, author of The Facts on False Views of Jesus; Dr. Josh McDowell, author of New Evidence That Demands a Verdict and Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ. Those who do not believe include Jesus Seminar Fellows Dr. John Dominic Crossan and Dr. Daryl Schmidt and Clint Blauer, author of Random Thoughts from the Cosmos.

DVD Extra Feature: Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls

They have intrigued and mystified people all over the world. Who composed the Dead Sea Scrolls? When and where were they written? This compelling twenty-five-minute featurette raises tantalizing questions and reveals amazing secrets!

105 minutes
Region 1 DVD - United States, Canada and US Territories
Release Date: 2007

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Jesus: The Great Debate: by Grant Jeffrey
Christian Films





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Uncover the truth about Jesus regarding His mysterious birth, His miracles, and His remarkable resurrection. Find out why many of the ancient Jews rejected Jesus despite their prophecies that revealed He was the true Messiah.







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