The Lutheran Handbook

Augsburg Fortress

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A Field Guide to Church Stuff, Everyday Stuff, and the Bible

The essential field guide for all things Lutheran. Confirmands or anyone hiking the trails of life's adventures and challenges will want to pack this handy illustrated field guide to Lutheran theology and culture. This enjoyable, easy-to-read, reliable, all-in-one collection helps you understand the essential information about our theology, culture and Lutheran way of life. Organized by Church Stuff, Everyday Stuff and Bible Stuff with how-to's like "How to Forgive Someone" and lists like "The Top-10 Bible Villains." Encapsulates essential principles of the Christian life, making many of the complexities of our religious tradition accessible for contemporary seekers.

Features: Illustrated, Maps, Table of Contents
Physical Info: 0.59" H x 6.78" L x 5.08" W (0.56 lbs) 240 pages
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishers
US SRP: 14.99 US
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: March 2005

Table of Contents

This Book Belongs To
About My Congregation

Church Stuff
# How to Get to Know Your Pastor
# How to Survive for One Hour in an Un-Air-Conditioned Church
# How to Respond When Someone Sits in Your Pew
# How to Use a Worship Bulletin
# How to Sing a Hymn
# How to Sing a Praise Song
# How to Listen to a Sermon
# How to Respond to a Disruption during Worship
# The Anatomy of a Baptism
# How to Receive Communion
# How to Pass the Plate
# How to Share the Peace in Church
# How to Stay Alert in Church
# What to Bring to a Church Potluck (by Region)
# Five Important Things the Lutheran Reformers Wrote (or Translated) and Why They're Still Important Today
# Seven Important Things Luther Said (and One Funny One) and What They Meant
# Five Things You Should Know about the Lutheran Reformation
# Five Facts about Life in Medieval Times
# History's Six Most Notorious Heretics
# How to Avoid Getting Burned at the Stake

Charts and Diagrams
# World Religions
# Comparative Religions
# Family Tree of Christianity
# U.S. Christian Denominations
# Comparative Denominations: Liturgical Churches
# Comparative Denominations: Non-Liturgical Churches
# The Seasons of the Church Year and What They Mean
# The Seasons of the Church Year (diagram)
# MartinLuther (portrait)
# Luther's Germany (map)
# Luther's Seal

Everyday Stuff
# How to Tell the Difference Between the Law and the Gospel
# How to Share Your Faith with Someone
# How to Pray
# How to Work for Peace and Justice on Behalf of People Who Are Poor and Oppressed
# How to Identify a Genuine Miracle
# Three Essential Personal Spiritual Rituals
# How to Forgive Someone
# How to Confess Your Sins and Receive Forgiveness
# How to Make the Sign of the Cross (diagram)
# How to Defend Your Faith against Attack
# How to Resist Temptation
# How to Care for the Sick
# How to Identify and Avoid Evil
# How to Avoid Gossip
# How to Bless Someone
# How to Resolve Interpersonal Conflict
# How to Console Someone
# How to Cope with Loss and Grief
# The Top 10 Attributes to Look for in a Spouse
# How to Banish the Devil from Your Presence
# How to Be Saved (by Grace through Faith and Not by Your Good Works)
# How to Reform the Church When It Strays from the Gospel
# How to Tell a Sinner from a Saint (diagram)
# How to Encounter the Holy Trinity as One God in Three Persons
# How to Become a Theologian of the Cross (and Avoid Being a Theologian of Glory)

Bible Stuff
# Common Translations of the Bible
# 60 Essential Bible Stories
# How to Read the Bible
# How to Memorize a Bible Verse
# The Top 10 Bible Villains
# The Top 10 Bible Heroes
# The Three Most Rebellious Things Jesus Did
# The Seven Funniest Bible Stories
# The Five Grossest Bible Stories
# Five Facts about Life in Old Testament Times
# Ten Important Things that Happened between the Old and New Testaments
# Five Facts about Life in New Testament Times
# The Five Biggest Misconceptions about the Bible
# Jesus' Twelve Apostles (Plus Judas and Paul)
# The Five Weirdest Laws in the Old Testament
# The Top 10 Bible Miracles and What They Mean

Maps and Diagrams
# The Exodus
# The Holy Land-Old Testament Times
# The Holy Land-New Testament Times
# Paul's Journeys
# Jerusalem in Jesus' Time
# Noah's Ark
# The Ark of the Covenant
# Solomon's Temple
# The Armor of God
# The Passion and Crucifixion

Luther's Small Catechism
# The Ten Commandments
# The Apostles' Creed
# The Lord's Prayer
# The Sacrament of Holy Baptism
# Confession
# The Sacrament of Holy Communion
# Morning and Evening Prayer
# Blessings at Meals

Notes & Stuff

"This is a fun book that affirms that Lutherans can (and must!) continue to laugh at themselves! It takes God very seriously but helps the reader to 'lighten-up!' It reminds me of the quote, 'Laughter is another way of crossing ourselves!'

From the picture of Luther on the cover (is this his confirmation photo?) to the final pages of 'tongue in check' humor, these pages are a great mix of what life is all about hurts and hoorays, Good Fridays and Easters, life and death, praying and playing! The only addition I would have made is to have each page contain a 'caution flag' that would state either, 'I'm serious' or 'I'm kidding!' to assist the reader to know how to react! I know many Lutherans who will spend an inordinate amount of time thinking whether or not they should laugh, cry, pray, or scratch their heads...and certainly look around to see if anyone else is looking before they respond accordingly!
I commend the editors and Augsburg for taking the Lord seriously enough to allow the Lord's followers to 'lighten-up' in the Lord of Laughter and Life! Let's continue to 'Pray, Play...and Give Thanks!"
Dr. Rich Bimler, President, Wheat Ridge Ministries

"In 264 pages, Lutheran theology and history is explained with a light touch, and Lutheran idiosyncrasies are explored the appropriate potluck dishes to bring by region and 'how to survive an hour in an un-air-conditioned church'.... The editors offer advice on serious topics 'how to forgive someone,' 'how to pray' and 'how to work for peace' and breezy teaching aids 'the top 10 Bible villains,' or 'the five grossest Bible stories.'"
Karen Herzog, Bismark Tribune

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The Lutheran Handbook
Augsburg Fortress




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The essential field guide for all things Lutheran. Confirmands or anyone hiking the trails of life's adventures and challenges will want to pack this handy illustrated field guide to Lutheran theology and culture.







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