God Shed His Grace: Songs of Truth and Freedom

Artist: Twila Paris

[Image: God Shed His Grace: Songs of Truth and Freedom]

Track Listing:

1) God Of Our Fathers
2) True North
3) Wisdom
4) I See You Standing
5) Warrior Is A Child
6) There Is A Plan
7) God Is In Control
8) How Beautiful
9) I Can Do All Things
10) Runner
11) What Did He Die For
12) America The Beautiful
13) What Am I Without You

Twila Paris personally selected the thirteen songs that are featured on the new CD, eleven from previous albums and two newly recorded patriotic hymns, God Of Our Fathers and America The Beautiful. The music is timeless as it addresses the hope and struggle of Christians, as they pray their way through a darkened world. Paris hopes the CD will be seen as her support for her fellow Americans during this critical time in our country’s history.

“I was brought up to be a patriot, grateful to be an American and born into this land of blessing,” says Paris. “Lately, it seems our country is running away from its true foundation, but I believe a growing number of Americans are praying and working for a return to the principles that made this nation great. The songs I’ve selected for this CD were written against a backdrop of dramatic changes in our society since the 1980’s. Some were inspired by current events, and some were more personal. These songs, old and new, are for the faithful Americans who are living in obedience to God, and know that His holy breath will once again be guiding our sails.”

Product Code: 099923240822 EAN: 0099923240822
Label: Eone Music
US SRP: 9.98 US
Media: Compact Disc
Release Date: February 01, 2012

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God Shed His Grace: Songs of Truth and Freedom
Artist: Twila Paris




099923240822 CD $ 7.95
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