Favor The Road To Success: by Bob Buess

Author: Bob Buess

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Bob Buess is unique in his approach to the Bible. He combines heavenly zeal with a down-to-earth practicality that could only come from "deep in the heart of Texas." As you read this book, you will be surprised to find yourself laughing, but learning! The experiences of the Buess ministry will bless you and cause you to want to pass it on.

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Pub Date: June 01, 1992

Table of Contents

1. Favor Changes Insecurity into Self-Confidence
2. Abundance of Favor Flows from God
3. God Brings You into Favor with God and Man
4. Favor Will Change Homes, Husbands, Wives, and Children
5. Draw Near to God for Favor--The Road to Success
6. God's Nature Is to Favor Others
7. Special Favor and Success for Those Who Really Love the Lord
8. Special Favor and Success for Those Who Seek the Lord
9. Confess Favor
10. Do Not Accept the Past as a Rule for Future Living
11. Special Testimonies on Favor

Excerpt: Chapter 1 Favor Changes Insecurity Into Self Confidence

Nobody liked her. She didn't even like herself. She was good looking, but she could not even get a date with a boy. Many other negative things filled the letter which she wrote to me. I don't blame them for not liking you, I am afraid that I could not like you myself. This was my response to this dear precious young woman. This was somewhat of a shock treatment, but the words that followed gave healing to her distraught spirit. I said, "if you have no confidence in yourself, it is certain that others will tend to shy away from you." I sent her scriptures to which I am about to introduce you and showed her how to confess favor and honor for herself with God and with others. There was a dramatic change. Within a very short period of time she wrote back words of victory. "Brother Buess, it is working. I am, now, engaged." Later, when visiting her city, she came to me and introduced me to her fiancÚ, another one. Not too long after this she married the second lad.

Whether it is a teenage girl who feels frustrated, an adult man going for a job interview, or a wife seeking favor with her husband, these scriptures, properly applied, will change your situation. In many cases there will be a very dramatic change in a very few days.

Many have an attitude of insecurity within themselves. This affects their attitude toward themselves and also toward others. Insecurity, fear, and frustrations of childhood may cause the individual to have the wrong attitude toward I life and his or her place in it. Ps. 8:5 "Thou hast . . . crowned him with glory and honor." Get all excited! God has crowned you with glory and honor! Live expecting God's "honor system " to change your insecurity and frustration into success. God has crowned you with glory and honor.
In. 17:22 reads, "'The glory which thou gavest me I have given them . . ."You have the same glory that Jesus had. You truly have been crowned. Imagine the Lord coming to you today and placing a crown of glory and honor upon your head. You would live expecting things to happen. Doubt and insecurity would vanish. Stand on God's Word. It is truth that sets you free. Faith comes by hearing the Word. Live expecting favor and honor to change your disappointments into success. As you believe that God has crowned you with glory and honor and favor, you will see success unfold before your very eyes. In. 12:26 ""if any man serve me . . . him will my Father honor." Most of you are truly serving the Lord.

You merely need to know how to apply the truths of the Word into daily success.

God has promised honor for you today. Past experiences and failures have conditioned your mind to accept disappointment and discouragement. Change your attitude, and let God be true and every man a liar. Let every experience be a lie. Bring every thought captive to Jesus. Make your thoughts line up with this Word. He is honoring you today. Expect miracles to unfold before you today. Favor and honor are changing your insecurity into success. Live excited!

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Favor The Road To Success: by Bob Buess
Author: Bob Buess




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9780883682517 Paperback 0883682516 $ 6.95
You will be surprised to find yourself laughing, but learning! The experiences of the Buess ministry will bless you and cause you to want to pass it on







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