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Why some succeeded and why some failed.

God's Generals 12-DVD Collection profiles extraordinary men and women whom God used to change nations and affect the entire world. These great men and women of God have given us a legacy through their lives - insight into the greatness of God and the snares and pitfalls of the enemy. Through this captivating series you can relive the great miracles, the anointing, and the revival fire of some of the most dynamic men and women in church history.

12 DVDs Include:

* Volume 1 - John Alexander Downe - Apostle of Divine Healing
As an unlicensed medical practioner, John found the world to be too sinful...so he built his own city just North of Chicago.
* Volume 2 - Maria Woodworth-Etter - Pentecostal Pioneer
Healed from a long winded sickness, Maria entered into ministry, holding big-tent revivals lasting up to seven months!
* Volume 3 - Evan Roberts - Welsh Revivalist
A spiritual leader during the "Jesus Freak" movement who moved from leadership in the spotlight to intercession. Find out why in this captivating video.
* Volume 4 - Charles F. Parham/William J. Seymour - The Fathers of Pentecostalism
Following the Jim Crow law's, William Seymour learned about God by listening in the halls outside the classroom. What he learned would prove to be invaluable starting the great Azusa Street Revival.
* Volume 5 - John G. Lake - A Man of Healing
Life brings pain and sickness, as it did to John. He used his faith with divine healing to influence an entire city.
* Volume 6 - Smith Wigglesworth - Apostle of Faith
Raising the dead and healing the sick was only a matter of faith for Smith. See the only existing live footage of Smith in action!
* Volume 7 - Aimee Semple McPherson - Woman of Destiny
Aimee had a life of inner heartache and great persecution, but the work of God led her to fill auditoriums of 5,000 over and over.
* Volume 8 - William M. Branham - Man of Notable Signs and Wonders
A life filled with wonder and awe for the Lord helped William see the hearts of men. Watch him heal and set people free on live recorded footage.
* Volume 9 - Jack Coe - The Man of Reckless Faith
Abandoned by his own parents as a child prepared Jack for God's work. Watch as the blind see, deaf hear, and the lame walk.
* Volume 10 - A.A. Alan - A Miracle Man
One of the most persecuted didn't keep A.A. Alan from doing God's work. Watch live footage of him healing and curing.
* Volume 11 - Kathryn Kuhlman - The Woman who Believed in Miracles
Walked out of heartbreak and into the Father's arms. Kathryn was filled with God's spirit and touched the masses with messages of hope, healing and salvation.
* Volume 12 - Highlights and Live Footage
Get to know the Generals as you step into their worlds and absorb an hour of solid footage of God's Generals in action.

* Region: North America

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God's Generals DVD Collection
Christian Films





630809684561 DVD 12-DVD Collection $ 104.95
630809689139 DVD Vol 1 - John Alexander Dowie $ 15.95
630809689146 DVD Vol 2 - Maria Woodworth-Etter $ 15.95
630809689153 DVD Vol 3 - Evan Roberts $ 15.95
630809689160 DVD Vol 4 - Parham/Seymour $ 15.95
630809689214 DVD Vol 5 - John G. Lake $ 15.95
630809689221 DVD Vol 6 - Smith Wigglesworth $ 15.95
630809689238 DVD Vol 7 - Aimee Semple McPherson $ 15.95
630809689245 DVD Vol 8 - William M. Branham $ 15.95
630809689092 DVD Vol 9 - Jack Coe $ 15.95
630809689436 DVD Vol 10 - A.A. Alan $ 15.95
630809689900 DVD Vol 11 - Kathryn Kuhlman $ 15.95
630809689924 DVD Vol 12 - Highlights/Live Footage $ 15.95
The God's Generals twelve-DVD collection profiles extraordinary men and women whom God used to change nations and affect the entire world.







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