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Buzzing around through different biblical stories, The Bed Bug Bible Gang uses rhymes, songs, and games to teach "the youngest kid in the pew" about the Bible. These BedBugs ask child-like questions and give child-like explanations to some of the Bibles most powerful stories. So grab your imagination, find a comfy seat, and get ready for The Bed Bug Bible Gang!

Bedbug Bible Gang: Big Boats of the Bible -- The bedbugs are ready to row towards a great high seas adventure, and you're welcome to join. So, get ready to weigh anchor!

Bedbug Bible Gang: Christmas Show! -- The bedbugs have been busy learning their lines for their biggest show of the year - a show all about Jesus' birthday!

Bedbug Bible Gang: Creation Celebration -- Welcome to the party of a lifetime!

Bedbug Bible Gang: Dandy Dreams -- Dandy Dreams tells the delightful story of Joseph and his brothers.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Easter Party -- The Bedbugs have been busy with the party preparations, and they can't wait to share the news that Jesus is alive!

Bedbug Bible Gang: Friendly Friends! -- The bedbugs are just itching to introduce you to some of their favorite friends from the Bible.

Bedbug Bible Gang: God's Little Heroes -- The bedbugs are ready to share their favorite short stories about their favorite small people.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Parable Parades -- Welcome to the Bedbug Bible Gang Parable Parade!

Bedbug Bible Gang: Passover Potluck! -- The bedbugs are ready to tell a wonderful story that takes place right on your plate.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Pentecost Party -- The bedbugs are buzzing with excitement to share their favorite stories about the Holy Spirit.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Wonderful Weddings -- In Wonderful Weddings children will learn about the true love that Jesus has for all of us.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Amazing Animals -- You'll see the stories of Daniel for Dinner, the Lost Sheep, and the Furriest Float!

Bedbug Bible Gang: Bible Builders -- You'll see the stories of The Triplets Tower (Babel), House on a Rock, and the Man Through the Roof. So put on a hard hat and grab your toolbox, because these Bible Builders are the best!

Bedbug Bible Gang: Family Fun -- The bedbugs are inviting all of their brothers and sisters to join in on the family fun, and you can, too. You'll hear the stories of Miriam and Moses, Ruth and Naomi, and Mary and Martha.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Funny Farmers -- You'll hear the Parable of the Sower, the Story of the Helpful Son, and Farmer Brown Goes to Town.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Jumbled Journey -- The bedbugs are setting out on a trio of mixed up adventures in the desert. The stories of The Ten Commandments, Wilderness Wandering, and Jesus' Temptation are told through rhyme and song.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Just John -- The bedbugs are glad to be sharing the story of one of their favorite people from the Bible: a man named just John! You'll hear the stories of Zechariah's Surprise, Weird John, and Jesus Takes a Bath.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Lost And Found -- The bedbugs have been searching for three fun Bible stories to share. And they've found them with Lost in the Temple, The Lost Coin, and The Forgiving Father Farmer.

Bedbug Bible Gang: Miracle Meals -- The bedbugs are licking their lips in anticipation of this fabulous food. They'll share the stories of the Bottomless Jar, Jesus' Special Supper, and the Lunch That Grew and Grew!

Recommend for ages 3-7.

Production Year: 1999 - 2002
These DVDs are playable in ALL regions

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Bedbug Bible Gang Videos I DVD
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727985009247 Big Boats Of The Bible DVD $ 9.95
727985009216 Christmas Show! DVD $ 9.95
727985009230 Creation Celebration DVD $ 9.95
727985009308 Dandy Dreams DVD $ 9.95
727985009223 Easter Party DVD $ 9.95
727985009285 Friendly Friends! DVD $ 9.95
727985009254 God's Little Heroes DVD $ 9.95
727985009209 Parable Parade DVD $ 9.95
727985009261 Passover Potluck DVD $ 9.95
727985009278 Pentecost Party DVD $ 9.95
727985009292 Wonderful Weddings DVD $ 9.95
727985009339 Amazing Animals 500933D DVD $ 9.95
727985011837 Bible Builders DVD $ 9.95
727985009346 Family Fun DVD $ 9.95
727985009315 Funny Farmers DVD $ 9.95
727985011844 Jumbled Journey DVD $ 9.95
727985010984 Just John DVD $ 9.95
727985011851 Lost And Found DVD $ 9.95
727985009322 Miracle Meals DVD $ 9.95
98426D Set Of 19 DVD $ 139.95
Buzzing around through different biblical stories, The Bed Bug Bible Gang uses rhymes, songs, and games to teach "the youngest kid in the pew" about the Bible.







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