Be Obedient (Genesis 12-24): by Warren W. Wiersbe

Author: Warren W. Wiersbe

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You Can Live the Life of Faith

The Apostle Paul says that those who believe in Jesus Christ "are children of Abraham." The Old Testament patriarch is our father in the faith, and like him we will be blessed if we believe in the Lord.

But what is faith and how can you get it? Warren Wiersbe's expository study of Genesis 12-25, focusing on the life and faith of Abraham, will answer your questions. In a practical and personal way, he explains:

How the life of faith begins
The four tests of true biblical faith
How to have "overcoming faith" as you face life's battles
Why and how God tests your faith
What to do when your faith fails

We are called to live a life obedient to God. But what does this look like? And how can we live in a way that's pleasing to Him? The answer is found in faith. Long considered the father of faith, Abraham sets the standard for what it means to be obedient. The book of Genesis holds the remarkable story of Abraham, a man who would give birth to a nation, and make the way for our Savior.

Part of Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe's best-selling "BE" commentary series, Be Obedient has now been updated with study questions and a new introduction by Ken Baugh. A respected pastor and Bible teacher, Dr. Wiersbe shares insights and wisdom on pursuing an obedient life. You'll learn how to believe beyond your feelings, trust in spite of your circumstances, and place your complete confidence in Him.

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A New Beginning
If the other planets are inhabited," quipped George Bernard
Shaw, "then they must be using the earth for their insane
We may chuckle at that statement, but it reminds us of a
sad fact: The world is in a mess, and it does not seem to be
getting any better. What is wrong?
It all goes back to events recorded in the Book of Genesis.
Except for the account in chapters 1 and 2, the first eleven
chapters of Genesis record one failure of man after another,
failures that are being repeated today. The first man and
woman disobeyed God and were cast out of the Garden (chap.
3). Cain murdered his brother Abel and lied about it (chap. 4).
Humanity became so corrupt that God cleansed the earth
with a flood (chaps. 6-8). Noah got drunk and exposed himself
to his son Ham (chap. 9). In their defiance of God, men
built a city and a tower; and God had to send confusion to end
the rebellion (chap. 10).
Disobedience, murder, deception, drunkenness, nudity, and
rebellion sound pretty up-to-date, don't they? If you were
God, what would you do with these sinners, men and women
you had created in your own image?

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Be Obedient (Genesis 12-24): by Warren W. Wiersbe
Author: Warren W. Wiersbe




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What does the obedient life look like? The book of Genesis holds the key. Be Obedient explores the remarkable life of Abraham and shows how we too can be obedient through faith.







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