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A journey into history seeking the real Jesus

"If you're open to evidence at all, the evidence for the existence of Jesus... is stronger than for any other ancient historical person. Much stronger, for instance, than for Julius Caesar. And you don't change the whole era of human history over a mythical figure. It happened over a historical person."
- Michael Green, internationally renowned theologian from England

In this illuminating on-location documentary, key questions related to the life and meaning of Jesus are addressed head on. Included are the important issues of:

Did Jesus really exist?
Was He just a human being or more than this?
Did He really rise from the dead?

In this exploration, Michael Green is joined by the American scholar Steven Notley, who is based in Israel, and Dutch scholar and author Jacob van Bruggen. They guide us through the evidence from history, literature, and archeology to examine the case for Jesus Christ and his claims. In the process, they show that the extraordinary claims made by and about Jesus warrant serious consideration today.

Release Date: 2006
Length/Run Time: 43 minutes
This DVD is playable in All regions

Behold The Man Annotated Script and Study Guide

Editorial Reviews:

Christian Retailing, Oct. 2, 2006

Doubts and questions about the identity of Jesus are addressed in Behold the Man, a DVD that examines literature, history and archeology in an attempt to find the truth. Vision Video releases the DVD this month. English theologian Michael Green, American scholar Steven Notley and Dutch scholar Jacob van Bruggen host the film, and together they answer common questions about the proof of the existence and deity of Jesus. They draw on works such as the first-century writings of Josephus. The validity of Jesus’ miracles is also examined. Scholar van Bruggen asserts that the reality of Jesus’ power was so evident in the first century that no one living at that time even attempted to deny it. Another argument is made in defense of the reliability of the Gospels, examining how these multiple accounts of the same events prove that they really happened and noting that it is also clear that the Gospel writers did not embellish their stories because at times they even put themselves in a bad light. Bonus features on Behold the Man include excerpts from other Vision Video DVDs, including Jesus, the New Way; So, Who Is This Jesus?; and The Incomparable Christ, which features a lecture given by John Stott. Also include on the DVD is a downloadable PDF with an annotated program script with discussion questions. Ideal for Christians who want an introduction to historical studies of Jesus, this 43-minute program was produced by The Netherlands-based Evangelical Broadcasting Organization.

Midwest Book Review, January 2007

Vision Video is the premier producer of Christian videos. One of their newest DVD titles is particularly impressive and very highly recommended for the non-specialist general viewer. Behold the Man is narrated by British theologian Michael Green who is joined by Israel-based American scholar Steven Notley and author Jacob van Bruggen to present a 43 minute, full color documentary on the history, literature, and archeology relevant to the life and claims of Jesus Christ and specifically addresses the fundamental questions as to the existence of Jesus in the opening decades of the first century, was Jesus more than merely human, and the resurrection of Jesus an actual event. This outstanding documentary is flawlessly produced, informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, and an important addition to personal and community library DVD collections.

Video Librarian, Mar/Apr 2007

British theologian Michael Green teams up with Israeli-based American scholar Steven Notley and Dutch scholar Jacob van Bruggen to examine the historical, archaeological, and literary evidence regarding the life of Jesus in Behold the Man. Did Jesus really exist? Was He more than just a human being? Did He actually rise from the dead? Tasteful art work and on-location filming flesh out the trio’s commentary as they explore these questions, make a case for the Bible as a credible foundation for faith, and study Jesus within the context of His identity as a Jew – ending on a note of hope that Jesus will come again bringing redemption. A good discussion starter for study groups, this is recommended.

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Behold The Man DVD
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In this illuminating on-location documentary, key questions related to the life and meaning of Jesus are addressed head on.







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