New Age Bible Versions

Author: Gail A. Riplinger

[Image: New Age Bible Versions]

From the introduction:
This book is what reporters refer to as a "scoop". Much digging in libraries and manuscripts from around the world has uncovered an alliance between the new versions of the bible (NIV, NASB, Living Bible and others) and the chief conspirators in the New Age movement's push for a One World Religion. Unlike the sensational or emotion-ridden fogging of the facts which could accompany such a disclosure, this book objectively and methodically documents the following discoveries, which stunned the author as they will the reader.
Contains plenty of notes and references.


Overview: The Message, the Men and The Manuscripts

The Message
- They Worshipped The Dragon
- The New Christianity
- Another Gospel & Another God
- Christ or Antichrist

The Men & The Manuscripts
- The Men
- The Manuscripts
- Back To The Future

- Summary: Westcott & Hott
The KJV and the Earliest Manuscripts
The Seven Seals

Over 2,500 verses compared
1,480 referenced footnotes
700 pages, 42 chapters

Retail: 18.95
Publisher: A.V. Publishing

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New Age Bible Versions
Author: Gail A. Riplinger




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9780963584502 Paperback 0963584502 $ 14.95
G.A. Riplinger objectively and methodically documents the hidden alliance between new versions and the New Age Movement's One World Religion.







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