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Author: Young Shin Lee

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Manga meets the Bible in these vividly illustrated versions of favorite Scripture stories.

Names, Games, and the Long Road Trip: Genesis-Exodus (Manga Bible #01)
The events of creation, the flood, and the Exodus all come alive for kids as book one of the Manga Bible presents the characters and stories of Genesis and Exodus

All of God’s Creatures Are Talking in Bubbles! See the creation of the earth and the parting of the sea like you’ve never seen them before. With cool artwork and loads of humor, Names, Games, and the Long Road Trip gives the first two books of the Bible a totally different look. It’s manga style, where pictures tell the story—and the action moves fast. Everyone—including Adam, Eve, Noah, and Moses—talks and thinks in word bubbles. Who knew discovering the important truths in Genesis and Exodus could be so exciting and fun?

Physical Info: 0.45" H x 7.1" L x 5.18" W (0.33 lbs) 160 pages

Walls, Brawls, and the Great Rebellion (Manga Bible #02)

Book two in the Manga Bible completes the story of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and entry into the Promised Land.

God is Splitting the Ground Open—with a Ka-Boooom! You’ve never watched the earth open up like this or heard the wall of Jericho fall so loudly. From Numbers to Ruth, Walls, Brawls, and the Great Rebellion gives a whole new look to Old Testament books. It’s manga style, where cool artwork, lots of humor, and awesome sound effects keep the action moving, and everyone talks in word bubbles. Has learning important truths from the Bible ever been more exciting and fun?
160 pages

Fights, Flights and the Chosen Ones (Manga Bible #03)

Book Three focuses on the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David as depicted in 1 and 2 Samuel. It begins with the birth of Samuel, the last judge of Israel, who was called by God as a youth. As he grows older, the people call upon him to find a king for Israel, and the Lord directs him to Saul, whom he anoints as king. As Saul disobeys the Lord, Samuel is redirected to anoint a young David to be the new King of Israel. David serves the lord faithfully, though his reign over Israel is not without trouble or circumstance, as he must deal with enemies both outside and insides his borders … not to mention his greatest battle—himself.
160 pages

Traitors, Kings, and the Big Break (Manga Bible #04)

In book four of the manga Bible, we see the waning days of King David’s dynasty through the rule of Solomon and the division of Israel from Judah. When the corrupted Solomon dies, the line of Judah’s kings goes from bad to worse. When the evil King Ahab finally confronts the prophet Elijah on Mt. Carmel, Baals’ prophets are destroyed. God takes Elijah to heaven in a flaming chariot. Elisha, his successor, ministers to the good King Joash and Israel and Judah both rediscover their commitments to the Lord.
208 pages

Prophets, Captives and the Kingdom Rebuilt (Manga Bible #05)
Jonah- Esther-Ezekiel-Daniel-Job-Ezra/Nehemiah-Psalms

What’s going on here! The people that the Lord rescued from slavery in Egypt are now worshiping fake gods and sacrificing their children to idols! But God doesn’t give up on Israel and Judah right away.

He sends strange men called prophets, who see visions and get swallowed by fish as they warn of God’s growing anger. And every once in a while, you meet a good king like Josiah, who calls the people back to the right way. Find out if kings and prophets can keep Israel—and later, Judah—from getting clobbered.
Page Count: 224

Coming May 2009
Parables, Miracles, and the Prince of Peace (Manga Bible #06)
The Gospel, Part 1

Israel thought the long-awaited Messiah would throw the Romans out of the land through military strength. But the story of God’s Son unfolds with surprises, as Jesus performs miracles, gathers followers, and teaches the truth about God’s kingdom–all in manga style!
Page Count: 192

Publisher: Zonderkidz
US SRP: 6.99 US
Binding: Paperback
Target Age Group: 12 to 16
Carton Quantity: 96

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Z Graphic Novels - Manga Bible
Author: Young Shin Lee





9780310712879 Paperback #1 Names, Games $ 5.95
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9780310712893 Paperback #3 Fights, Flights $ 5.95
9780310712909 Paperback #4 Traitors, Kings $ 5.95
9780310712916 Paperback #5 Prophets, Captives $ 5.95
9780310712923 Paperback #6 Parables, Miracles $ 5.95
Manga meets the Bible in these vividly illustrated versions of favorite Scripture stories.







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