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  • El Proposito y Poder de la Autoridad Todos fuimos creados para ejercer autoridad en nuestras vidas# todos tenemos que dar cuentas a alguna autoridad superior; sin embargo nuestras pasadas experiencias negativas con la autoridad
  • Romper Maldiciones: Experimentar Sanidad = Breaking Curses Los cristianos se preguntan por qu‚ no pueden vencer los pecados y las tentaciones o por qu‚ experimentan problemas recurrentes en su salud sus finanzas o sus relaciones.
  • El Diccionario del Profeta: Autor Paula Price Experimente el poder y el misterio de la profecĦa espiritual. Desde los primeros tiempos Dios se ha acercado a la humanidad por medio de sus profetas escogidos.
  • Place Called Heaven (Updated): by E. M. Bounds 6.95 Christ has gone to prepare a place for you in heaven! Examining the Scriptures that pertain to heaven E. M. Bounds reveals how you can look forward to receiving your crown of glory reigning with Christ forever and reuniting with your loved ones.
  • The Power in Prayer: by Charles Spurgeon 4.95 Learn to develop the essential characteristics required for power-packed prayer. Because God keeps His promises every Christian can have a prayer life that produces results both personally and in the kingdom of God.
  • Difficulties in the Bible: by R. A. Torrey 4.95 R.A. Torrey examines some of the difficulties sur-rounding the Bibe and he explains how we should deal with them when they arise. Drawing from the questions he has hear from around the world he discusses many of the Bible's controversies.
  • Divine Healing: by Andrew Murray 4.95 In the ministering of the apostles forgiveness and healing complemented each other allowing the Spirit of God to flow freely. Andrew Murray answers these questions scripturally showing how to walk victoriously in divine health.
  • Experiencing the Holy Spirit: by Andrew Murray 4.95 Drawing on the Scriptures Andrew Murray discusses the importance and power of the Holy Spirit in every Christian's life.
  • Faith to Live by: by Derek Prince 7.50 Easy to read and based on the Scriptures Faith to Live By is a resource for every Christian who wants to receive the promises of a faith-filled life.
  • Good and Angry: by David Powlison In this groundbreaking book David Powlison reframes the universal problem of anger through an in-depth exploration of God#s anger and ours. Full of practical help for all who struggle with how to respond when life goes wrong
  • Bible Promises 7.95 In a shifting sliding world of uncertainty God's promises are as warm solid and reliable as a father's hug. Whatever your need whatever your longing your heavenly Father has a word for you.
  • Andrew Murray Devotional 12.95 Andrew Murray's uplifting messages for each day of the year will comfort and refresh you in your walk with God. Spending time with God daily will bring a new joy and peace into your life.
  • The Blessings of Obedience: by Andrew Murray 6.95 Andrew Murray explores the love behind God's commands and the grace that makes it possible for us to obey.
  • Breaking Curses Experiencing Healing: by Tom Brown 7.50 Uncover and defeat the spiritual attacks in your life and bring complete healing to yourself and others today!
  • Guerra Espiritual: Proteja su Hogar de la Oscuridad Espirituales Comenzando hoy su familia puede estar a salvo de la devastaci˘n de ataques por parte de fortalezas de oscuridad espirituales: peleas divisi˘n vacĦo amargura desesperaci˘n y mucho m s.
  • Myles Munroe Habla Sobre Relaciones: Un Devocional Para los 365 Con m s de un mill˘n de libros vendidos el Dr. Myles Munroe dirige sus conocimientos y experiencia hacia hombres y mujeres ofreciendo consejo pr ctico y bĦblico diario para las relaciones de todo tipo.
  • Los Nombres de Dios Los nombres de Dios revelan su favor y su amor inmensurable por nosotros. l es nuestro Sanador Proveedor Pacificador Conquistador y mucho m s.
  • El Ayuno: Autor Derek Prince El ayuno es una clave para la vida cristiana exitosa. Se encuentra en toda la Biblia; sin embargo en gran medida ha sido dejado a un lado por la iglesia. Descubra como liberar el poder de la oracion y el ayuno.
  • La Palabra de Dios Sana: Autor Derek Prince Del exitoso autor y maestro de la Biblia Derek Prince viene su ense¤anza m s detallada sobre Dios milagroso don de la curaci˘n.
  • En las Puertas Cielo: Autor Rebecca Springer Este libro comenz˘ el proceso de sanidad en mi vida y en la de mi esposa tras la muerte de nuestro hijo de diecis‚is a¤os David. me dio un entendimiento de la participaci˘n de la sociedad del cielo mucho m s glorioso que aquĦ en la tierra
  • Su Poder en el Espiritu Santo: Autor John G Lake Usted puede experimentar personalmente el derramamiento del poder EspĦritu Santo mediante su vida
  • Power of the Blood: Sanidad Para Su Espiritu Alma y Cuerpo Por medio de su propia experiencia y las experiencias personales de otros Mary K. Baxter la autora de libros de mayor venta muestra cuantas vidas han sido transformadas para siempre por el poder de la sangre de Jes£s.
  • Una Revelacion Divina de Angeles Explore las fascinantes din micas de los seres angelicales su apariencia sus funciones asignadas y c˘mo ellos operan no s˘lo en el reino celestial sino tambi‚n en nuestras vidas aquĦ en la tierra.
  • Una Revelacion Divina del Cielo Despu‚s de treinta noches de experimentar las profundidades del infierno le fueron mostradas a Mary Baxter algunas regiones del cielo. He aquĦ fascinadores vislumbres de la belleza y del gozo que aguardan a cada creyente en Jesucristo.
  • Una Revlacion Divina de la Guerra Espiritual La autora de libros de mayor venta Mary K. Baxter nos informa por experiencia personal de la oposici˘n que enfrentamos de los poderosos enemigos espirituales invisibles.
  • Una Revelacion Divina del Infierno: Autor Mary Baxter Durante cuarenta dĦas Dios le dio a Mary Kathryn Baxter visiones del infierno y la comision˘ para que se las contase a todos a fin de que escojan la vida.
  • Una Revelacion Divina de la Liberacion: Autor Mary Baxter Muchos cristianos se preguntan por qu‚ no han podido vencer al pecado a las tentaciones y por qu‚ est n sufriendo con problemas recurrentes en su salud sus finanzas y en sus relaciones.
  • Una Revelacion Divina de la Oracion: Autor Mary Baxter Muchos cristianos se preguntan por qu‚ no pueden vencer sus pecados y sus tentaciones y cual es la raz˘n de que sus oraciones pidiendo por una mejor salud bendiciones financieras y restauraci˘n en sus relaciones con otras personas
  • Una Revelacion Divina Del Reino Espiritual: Autor Mary Baxter Mary Baxter la autora de los libros de ‚xito nacional Una Revelaci˘n Divina del Infierno y Una Revelaci˘n Divina del Cielo nos da una perspectiva £nica del mundo angelical y demonĦaco.
  • Oil of Joy Anointing Oil - 1/4 OZ Our faith is deepened and we are enriched and brought closer to God as we begin to study and understand the spiritual meaning of these exotic biblical fragrances
  • Frankincense & Myrrh Anointing Oil In temple days sweet incense containing Frankincense was placed on the Inner Altar of the Tabernacle and burned morning and evening. It speaks of intercession.
  • Anointing Oil Variety Pack 1/4 oz Contains a 1/4 oz bottle of each of 12 fragrances: Cassia Cedars of Lebanon Frankincense & Myrrh Covenant Hyssop Ketubah King's Garments Cinnamon Myrrh Pomegranate Rose of Sharon and Spikenard.
  • Frankincense Pillar Candles - White Our hand-poured palm-wax pillars produce an exquisite design in each candle and burns cleaner than paraffin. The elegant label conveys both the botanical and spiritual information on this exotic biblical plant complete with scripture verse
  • Ruth Anointing Oil - 8 mL 1/4 oz. Ylang-ylang cinnamon and frankincense mixed with olive oil. For prayer or anointing your skin or as a perfume. Designed exclusively for Holy Land Gifts by Keren Teyler.
  • All things are Possible Illuminated Word Cassia Candle BE ENCOURAGED! The inspiring Scripture from Matthew 19:26: "With God all things are Possible" on this candle will bring a ray of hope to anyone facing sickness hardship despair or broken relationships.
  • War on the Saints: by Jessie Penn-Lewis 6.95 The premise of War on the Saints is that the end-time onslaught of Satan against the Christian church is well-underway. The author proposes spiritual measures to achieve ultimate victory.
  • An Angel's Tenderness with Scripture - Illuminated Fine Art Art is printed on a silky satin cloth providing sharp detail and vibrant color. It's then mounted on Oregon Pine Wood stretcher bars. Finally we install our unique LED lighting system enhancing and illuminating the entire painting.
  • An Angel's Tenderness - Illuminated Fine Art Art is printed on a silky satin cloth providing sharp detail and vibrant color. It's then mounted on Oregon Pine Wood stretcher bars. Finally we install our unique LED lighting system enhancing and illuminating the entire painting.
  • Dead Sea Gold Line Eye Cream Special formula created especially for the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • The Isaiah 40:29-31 Mini Rug Mouse Pad The Isaiah 40:29-31 LogosPad is a powerful image and truth that we all need to remember. Having this beautiful scripture woven in to our daily life will give us courage and strength to continue on the narrow path because our strength comes from the Lord.
  • Divine Mercy Marco Sevelli Plaque Uniquely ours these new additions to the Marco Sevelli line offer a larger easy-to-see-from-a-distance option for church or home devotion. Each sturdy plaque is accented with rich gold tones and includes an easel for standing and a hook for hanging.
  • Jesus is My Shepherd Garden Statue Create instant serenity by accenting a garden or patio space with our new selection of statues from Avalon Gallery. Ideal for sun or shade these elegant yet durable pieces featuring subtle outdoor finishes will be treasured for years to come.
  • Yehuda Tallit - 50 " Prayer Shawl Acrylic Tallit 47" long and 72" around the shoulders
  • Canvas Gray Bible Case A classic canvas Bible cover updated with modern colors.
  • Men's Sterling Silver U.S. Coast Guard Medal St. Michael Medal Size: 1" Diameter 24" Length Chain Gift Box
  • Tri-Fold Organizer Black Bible Case The bestselling Tri-Fold design now re-designed for value features an outside slip-pocket interior organizer pockets and interior pen/pencil holders.
  • Verses of Faith Psalm 28:7 Bible Case The comforting verse Psalm 28:7 "The LORD is my strength and my shield..." is screen-printed on this affordable cover.
  • Verses of Faith Cover Proverbs 3:5 Bible Case This cover takes basic black to a whole new level of sophistication. The front features Proverbs 3:5 #Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding# printed on an understated spiral floral pattern that pops when in the light
  • Inspiration Rejoice Canvas Pink Bible Case This canvas cover features a beautiful screen printed floral image and message of creation. Other features include spine handle and interior pen and pencil holders.
  • Inspiration Eagle Canvas Navy Bible Case Continuing our popular Value Line of Book and Bible Covers this screen-printed cover features the verse from Isaiah 40:31 "They will soar on wings like Eagles". Features: Spine handle *Interior pen and pencil holders
  • Inspiration Window Tan Bible Case A new addition to the popular Value Line of Book and Bible Covers this screen printed canvas cover features the encouraging sentiment "when God closes a door he opens a window". Features: Spine handle *Interior pen and pencil holders
  • Inspiration Serenity Prayer Bible Case The latest addition to the Inspiration line this cover features the "Serenity Prayer" by Reinhold Niebuhr along with a scenic path image.
  • The Purpose Driven Life Patch Bible Case This cover featuring The Purpose Driven# Life covenant features an exterior zippered pocket a carrying handle and interior pen and pencil holders.
  • Cathedral Celebrant Chair - Walnut Stain The Cathedral Collection like all Robert Smith# furniture is made from 100% hardwood for years of use. Featuring hand-carved finials and ornate detailing throughout this collection is absolutely stunning.
  • Paschal Oak Candlestick - Walnut Stain Designed as either a paschal candleholder or for large altar candleholders this solid hardwood masterpiece will bring beauty and adoration to any setting.
  • Designer Microfiber Bible Case Made especially to fit the Zondervan Thinline Bibles this classic microfiber Bible cover features leather-look# trim a metal zipper pull with a cross insignia as well as interior pen and pencil holders.
  • Tri-Fold Organizer Cranberry Bible Case Made from durable nylon material this bestselling Bible cover/organizer features multiple exterior pockets spine handle and interior pen and pencil holders.
  • Tri-Fold Organizer Bible Case Made from durable nylon material this bestselling Bible cover/organizer features multiple exterior pockets
  • Men's Nickel Silver U.S. Navy Medal St. Michael on Back Medal Size: 1" Diameter 24" Length Chain Gift Box
  • Designer Tri-Fold Cover Pink-Chocolate Bible Case The dependable Tri-Fold Cover has the same great organizational features as before but is now updated with a splash of color.
  • Designer Tri-Fold Cover Lavender-Chocolate Bible Case The dependable Tri-Fold Cover has the same great organizational features as before but is now updated with a splash of color. This cover has the inspirational word #Believe# stamped on the front along with a butterfly.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Brandish Brown Leather Belt Officially licensed NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Brandish Brown Leather Belt. This item is a 100% genuine leather brown belt with the team logo embossed into the leather strap and a silver tone nickel buckle.
  • Women's Nickel Silver U.S. Navy Medal St. Michael on Back Medal Size: 3/4" Diameter 20" Length Chain Gift Box
  • Proverbs 31 Cross Canvas Bible Cover Embroidered design on purple canvas with a silk screened pattern. Front outside pocket ribbon bookmark and fish zipper pull.
  • Razzleberry Suede Bible Case This Bible cover is simply elegant with beautiful style color and functionality. Constructed from a balance of suede and microfiber this cover has a unique look with its stylish handle and accents.
  • LED Lighted Pocket Magnifier LED Light with On/Off Button. Crystal Clear Unbreakable and Scratch-Resistant Acrylic Lens. The Perfect Compact Magnifier for Reading Small Type in Low Light. Protective Pouch Included.
  • Black Leather Flared Cross Bible Cover This Bible cover is handcrafted using soft-top grain leather and features a contemporary flared cross design emblazoned on the front.
  • Stand firm in the Lord Two-Tone LuxLeather Brown Bible Case ThIs stylish Bible cover features heat-debossed text and a pen loop.
  • Microfiber Daisy Pink Zipper Pocket Bible Case Trendy bright flower design for spring#sure to please fashion-minded women. Featuring nylon material with faux patent leather accents exterior zipper pocket colorful zipper pulls with embossed cross and interior pen and pencil holders.
  • NIV True Images: The Bible for Teen Girls - Pink Flower This Bible explores how the timeless truths of the Bible relate to your life your relationships and the things you care about most. Packed with personal notes cool quizzes challenging insights smart advice and open discussion about life today
  • Rugged Cross Bible Case This cover makes a subtle and elegant faith statement with the debossed cross on the front panel.
  • Aviator Leather-Look Brown Bible Cover Classic design in a popular weathered look. *Stitching color contrasts with the leather-look# material *Exterior slip-in pocket *Front stitched-on patch with stamped cross *Carrying handle with antique brass-look hardware *Interior pen and pencil holders
  • Men's Nail Cross Necklace with Centered Rope Sterling Silver Cross Necklace in Rope Centered Nail Design on 24" Stainless Steel Rhodium Finish Chain
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