Shepherds of the Valley: How Love Looks in Shoe Leather

Author: Robert H. Waymire

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Some men and women change the nature of history for the better through the lives they live. “Shepherds of the Valley - How Love Looks in Shoe Leather” is such a story. Wendell and Marilyn Seward are such people. No strangers to deep adversity, they serve their fellow man with humility and grace. Individuals and communities have been transformed by their unconditional love and acceptance.

Luis Palau observes, "The Lord has used this couple to reach out to hundreds of people all over the western United States. We have heard testimonies of teens who had been on drugs whom God has delivered through the Seward’s ministry. To me their lives have always been a tremendous example of how God can use lives totally given to Him."

The lives portrayed in this book are messages written on human hearts. Every person longs to be loved; to know he or she has value; to know there is a purpose for living. Everyone that knew the Sewards experienced some aspect of this, always leaving the encounter richer for the experience. This book contains testimonies from a wide variety of people from all walks of life who have: found hope where there was despair; found assurance where there was doubt; found love when they felt unloved; found food and shelter when they were hungry and cold; found truth to replace the error; found acceptance where there was rejection; found joy where there had been sadness; found victory where there had been defeat.

For nearly forty years Wendell and Marilyn Seward taught in public schools and pastored highly relational churches. Both have served as mayor and on numerous boards and committees. Both have received numerous awards for community service. Wendell performed over eight hundred weddings and nearly half as many funerals. Over one-hundred teen-agers and adults have lived in their home for six months or longer. Additional hundreds have stayed for shorter periods of time…even to the present day. Many recovered from addictions and have gone on to fruitful lives. They lived in a three story house, on a three cornered lot, with three doors that were never locked.

"The Sewards have quietly ministered to thousands of people all over the world. Wherever Wendell and Marilyn go, they bring life, energy, hope and healing." Mike Yaconelli

When you first meet the Sewards you find them very warm and loving, easy to be with, hospitable and kind and quite interesting conversationalists on a wide range of topics. When you see them in action in the various venues where they navigate daily you become awestruck with the quantity and quality of their involvement in people's lives. Each Seward's hobby is people! That's right...caring for people, rescuing people, encouraging people, counseling and guiding people. They go to many...and many come to them. But it is all about people...the greater human family, all God's creation with immeasurable value and worth.

The author, who met weekly with the Sewards for twenty years, has sprinkled “reflections” in the various chapters providing a succinct summary of principles embedded in the story. They were New Covenant souls, realizing, as Paul would tell the Corinthians, that “the letter kills but the Spirit gives life.” Over the years they made the transition from legalism to love and grace and then put this into shoe leather. One of the crucibles of learning included tough experiences within their own home and within their own family.

Whether in the home, the church, the school or the community, including the courts, jails and juvenile halls, the Seward’s were known for their unconditional love and acceptance, their gentleness and compassion, their hospitality and generosity and as a champion for many society has marginalized.

When you read the Sermon on the Mount have you wondered, "Can anyone really live like that?" The answer? "Yes"...and this story is a real-life example that all of us can relate to in one way or another.

Physical Info: 240 pages
Publisher: Robert H. Waymire
US SRP: 14.99 US
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: October 15, 2009

Bob Waymire, for the past nearly twenty-two years has lived in Etna, California in the Northern California mountains. During these years, he and his wife, Judi, met weekly with Wendell (deceased Dec. 2007) and Marilyn Seward for breakfast at a local restaurant. Bob was born and raised in Southern Nevada. He served in the Naval Air during the Korean War. Afterward he worked as a systems engineer in aerospace at Lockheed Missile in Sunnyvale, California. He then bought a cattle ranch in the mountains of Colorado near Rifle. After suffering through a divorce he returned to aerospace as a program consultant. Three years later, in 1969, he had a life changing (spiritual) experience, and two years later married Judi Holt. Beginning in 1973 he went into full-time missions devoted mainly to mission’s strategy and research worldwide. His travels have taken him to sixty-five countries. Bob founded Global Mapping International in 1983, and LIGHT International in 1991 to assist in the informational aspects of world missions. He has published several research and strategy related manuals, and co-authored, Discovering Your City: Bringing Light to the Task of Community Transformation, (2000, LIGHT International). Having written award winning poetry, he continues writing today in a variety of genre, and continues to serve in a consultive role for world missions. Bob and Judi currently live in Etna, California.

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Shepherds of the Valley: How Love Looks in Shoe Leather
Author: Robert H. Waymire




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