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The Daily Walk Bible guides the reader through Scripture, study, and reflection each day, to read through the Bible in a year and help put its power to work in daily life. It includes overviews, charts, daily devotions, and insights to help the reader fully grasp the day's reading, which makes it unique among both daily reading and devotional Bibles.


* Easy-to-use format
* Daily readings
* Book introductions
* Charts
* Overview of each day's reading
* Section charts summarizing main themes and ideas of each day's reading
* Your Daily Walk feature
* Insight notes
* Inspirational quotes or sayings
* Font size: 10 pt

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Live God’s Word Every Day

For more than 20 years, The Daily Walk Bible’s unique insights, overviews, charts and other special features have made it a powerful means of connecting with God. This unique Bible gives you what you need to read through the Bible in a year, and much more. This is truly a Bible for all of life. Unlike most daily reading Bibles, which rearrange Bible passages to fit a reading plan, The Daily Walk Bible is arranged to fit the structure of the Bible itself. Whether used for personal study, daily devotions, or general use, The Daily Walk Bible includes tools that help the Bible come alive.

Drawing from the rich resources of Walk Thru the Bible’s Daily Walk magazine, The Daily Walk Bible includes:

* An easy-to-use daily reading plan that works whether you start in January or July
* Introductions and charts that give you a bird’s-eye view of each book of the Bible
* An overview and chart for each day’s reading
* My Daily Walk reflections to help apply the day’s reading.
* Insight notes to help gain greater understanding of the world of the Bible

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For over 20 years The Daily Walk Bible has been helping people read, understand, and apply God’s Word. More than just another daily reading Bible, The Daily Walk Bible has been carefully designed to help you gain greater insight into your relationship with God.

Unlike most daily reading Bibles, which rearrange Bible passages to fit a reading plan, The Daily Walk Bible is arranged to fit the structure of the Bible itself. This means that you can use The Daily Walk Bible in church, for personal devotions or for more in-depth study.

+ Each Bible book has its own introduction and chart showing the focus, divisions, topics, place, and time of that book.
+ Each daily reading includes an overview, an outline chart of the passage, a reflective My Daily Walk reading, and Insights to help you better understand the reading.
+ Every seventh day, four times a month, a special devotional feature will challenge you to Look Back over the past week, Look Up to God, and Look Forward to the next week’s readings.
+ Each day’s reading is referenced in two ways: by “walk” and by date. This way, whether you choose to start reading in January or July, you’re always on track. And if you miss a day, it’s all right – just take the next walk when you’re ready.

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Walk Thru the Bible is a global Christian educational organization that partners with the local church. Its vision is to provide relevant biblical teaching, training, and tools to produce Romans 12 Christians worldwide—disciples whose relationships with God, the world, themselves, other Christians, and non-Christians reflect the character and purposes of Jesus.

By focusing on the central themes of Scripture and their practical application to life, Walk Thru the Bible enjoys wide acceptance across denominations, fellowships, and cultures around the world.

Walk Thru the Bible seminars are taught in over 45 languages in over 100 countries; Living on the Edge radio ministry airs over more than 800 radio outlets reaching nearly one million listeners a week; and more than 100 million daily devotionals have been packaged into magazines, books, and other publications that reach over five million people each year.

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Version: New International
Type/Format: One Year, Study
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

Binding: Paperback
UPC: 031809109601
Physical Info: 1.25" H x 9.07" L x 6.05" W (1.92 lbs) 1632 pages
Carton Quantity: 20
US SRP: 24.99 US
Pub Date: September 2007

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The Daily Walk Bible - NIV (Revised)
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Arranged to fit the structure of the Bible itself, "Daily Walk Bible" walks readers through the Scripture through 365 daily readings. Includes book introductions, charts, and special devotional features.







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